Commonly brilliant in Boulder

The Bell team flew in to Denver, Colorado from Norway on the 17th of august welcommed by Isac and the Common Film Crew. Then we rented a Mustang ūüėČ and drove straight to The Fearless Cottage of Alex Bogusky, where we crashed on the caoch.

It has been a fantastic experience at The Common Pitch here in Boulder today. We have been interviewed by Alex Bogusky for his live-stream TV show: Alex Fearless TV. We have met some great mentors and other social entrepeneurs, there has been more practices, rehearsels and interviews. The Fearless/Common team is doing a great job;) Very inspiring!!
For those of you who haven’t been to Boulder: You should come and see for your self. Boulder is my american favourite place at the moment…Sorry New York and LA;)
So stay tuned, and see href=””>live streaming from The BT




Bell to Common Pitch

Common Pitch

Bell and a K8-team reinforced with Kristian Bye, a veteran and creative force in Norways’ avertizing community, is one of 10 finalists at the The Common Pitch taking place the 19th if August in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
See more here:
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K8 and Bell in the media

Ida Lindvall, a writer for has written an article about Innovative Norwgian Design in th US. K8 and Bell is in there:) congratualtions to ane Lillian Tveit and SO-Ro.
You will soon also find Bell in the August issue of Bonytt (NO), and we recently had a double page-article in the July issue of Industrien (NO). It gets better: In Septemeber K8 and Bell will be covered in the japanese Magazine Axis
Things are rolling:) M

Solar party

It is very interesting to see how the solar market works. Amazing how a lot of companies sell the same square product, fighting on price and NOT Innovation and consumer advantages. Renewables need design!!!!!! emotion, function and smartness!



K8 will attend the Intersolar Expo in Munich thursday the 9th to friday the 10th. We have built a final prototype of Bell, our solar lamp and mobile charger, that we will show to potential partners.
We are pretty satisfied with the result, and can’t wait to demonstrate it.
Wish us luck!;)



K8 goes LA

Getting the 3rd price in IDA product design category, sustainable products
we thought: Let’s go LA!
So we did! Olivier and Marius went for three days, discovering LA (by car of course), attending the IDA award ceremony and getting to know the coolest and most¬†warm hearted people in town. Nina, Cesar and Greogor¬†with friends, thanks for looking after us, and taking the time to hang out until late on a sunday!:) For the environmentally aware K8 team it was perfect to meet people that drove Toyota Prius and was ready to promote and fight for greener products and a better world. Even¬†the¬†wine served at the IDA ceremony was biodynamically made¬† at America’s pioneering organic winery: the Frey Vineyards ‚Äď Mendocino County¬† . See:¬†Also thanks to Hussain Farmani for letting us join the dinner after the ceremony. It was truly an evening to remember!¬†¬†We will for sure be back in LA!


IDA award to K8

K8 has been awarded 3. Price for The Bell solar lamp and mobile charger in The IDA International Design Award, USA.
The ceremony is The 15th of May in LA. We are thrilled and honored to get this award! Marius A. K8


Nobel makeover

After almost 10 years we have had the pleasure and honor of making a few adjustments to the ball game we designed for The Nobel Peace Center back in the days. I went to The best mechanical workshop there is to get the job done: my fathers.

So for all you peace-lovers go and try out this Peace-makin ball-game this summer in Oslo:) I garanty you will be hooked! If it is not there, you just ask for it:)







LED light

So now we are visible at night as well;)
Led light of course!!


Seeks partners for Offgrid lamp

We are looking for an industrial and financial partner to start the production of the new innovative off grid solar lamp and mobile phone charger called “Bell”.
See www.k8 or Bell

Please contact us for details.

Marius Andresen
Owner and Managing director K8
phone: +47 93415461