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Still life, frozen beauty

Still Life! Artists Peder Istad & crew in team with artist Kjell Erik Ruud have buildt this icebox surrounding a house in Finnmark, Norway, between Hammerfest and Alta.
The house is frozen in, and symbolically concerved reminding us of times that are constantly changing.
The project is produced by KOROKORO- Art In Public Spaces.


Call to give!

UNICEF- Water for Haiti
Call: 820 44 705 and give Nok 200,-


Thanks everybody!

After 48 houres the ice sculpture For Haiti was finished after a mad work-effort from Peder Istad and his crew. Lots of people and companies joined in and helped spontaniously. Great to experience this solidarity between people. Without this effort it would not have been possible! Thanks! At 1545 today Sunday it was constantly people inside supporting the water-project, enjoying the magic of the ice.
So if the weather stays cold, the project can stay and remind us about Haiti when the cameras have been turned off. Well done people! Dog

5 tons and 16,5 houres to go!

Time to get some rest at 01.30 in the morning. It is going to be a tough day tomorrow racing to the final at 1800!

10 tons and 22 houres to go

It is 20:37 and we’re half way! It is looking real Good and the team is preparing for a long night;) come down and visit us!

Haitispeher from Oso

Have just picked up the Haiti Sphere at the Oso factory in Hokksund 48 houres after I got in contact with Reidar Braathen;) it is just perfect! Two hot water tank bottoms welded together. Well done and again thank you Reidar Braathen and team Oso. Dog