Friend of Sunnan, K8 for IKEA

I live off the Grid all summer at my cabin in Sweden. No electricity, no noice and only rainwater from the roof. It is the absolute greatest of luxeries.

Until last summer It has been all candels and romantic flickering light for years, but last year I bought three Ikea Sunnan solar powered lamps and fell instantly in love. I use them for all kinds of work after sunset. Especially happy using it outside working in the garden to finish off that last little something. And of course they are perfect for reading.

This summer I had a little summer workshop to make a friend for Sunnan. If we are lucky, all you Ikea Sunnan fans all over the world can buy the K8 designed friend of Sunnan that will make you love Sunnan even more. It adds a new dimmension to Sunnan;)
Actually I think you should go and ask for it straight away!;) Ask for the Friend of Sunnan!

Solar powered greetings

K8 weekendstudio
Kråkehed Sweden

Copying right

We are by-passed guys! Lets go back to become a Developing country. The “developing-countries” are ahead allready. Go check The Tata for 2000 US $!!!!!!!!
We need to loosen up, open up, do some new thinking and let some old thoughts go….;) OK?!

Beyond Risør NOW

So it is happening;) Beyond Risør is opened and all seven Light projects is installed, the weather is perfect and it feels good! Still a chance for people join up tomorrow. This is totally Beyond!!
Ps Inga Sempé is speaking tomorrow. She is worth the trip down to Risør.



Key words for success

Hans Peter Brøndmo about innovation
Plum founder now working in Nokia.
This is important:

Marius deltar på Innoteket

Er på Innoteket arrangert av Innovasjon Norge på Teknisk Museum. Passer vår “out of the box thinking for in line production” 😉

Turning 40

Rolf is turning 40 today, Hurray!

Lighting Africa-light to off grid people

Here you can understand more about people living off the grid.

 Also go visit