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Nobel makeover

After almost 10 years we have had the pleasure and honor of making a few adjustments to the ball game we designed for The Nobel Peace Center back in the days. I went to The best mechanical workshop there is to get the job done: my fathers.

So for all you peace-lovers go and try out this Peace-makin ball-game this summer in Oslo:) I garanty you will be hooked! If it is not there, you just ask for it:)







LED light

So now we are visible at night as well;)
Led light of course!!


Seeks partners for Offgrid lamp

We are looking for an industrial and financial partner to start the production of the new innovative off grid solar lamp and mobile phone charger called “Bell”.
See www.k8 or Bell

Please contact us for details.

Marius Andresen
Owner and Managing director K8
phone: +47 93415461


Makerbot in the house

At last! Our Makerbot Thing-o-matic is in the house. It is truly a piece of art! Not only do these guys revolutionize the way we will look at manufacturing and 3D printing, they add a new dimmension to object aestethics, smart packaginc and IKEA do-it-your-self philisophy. The mix of advanced technology and laser cut veneer is just fantastic. I can smell it! A high Tech object that smells like a open fire! Love it! Ok so Now the job starts putting The Makerbot together. By The way we also have The Makerbot 3D scanner. Just waiting for a mini projector to arrive from The US. This is better than X mas!!!!

Still life, frozen beauty

Still Life! Artists Peder Istad & crew in team with artist Kjell Erik Ruud have buildt this icebox surrounding a house in Finnmark, Norway, between Hammerfest and Alta.
The house is frozen in, and symbolically concerved reminding us of times that are constantly changing.
The project is produced by KOROKORO- Art In Public Spaces.

Innodesign and NEREC

Go see our super-smart solar driven lamp at:

and visit our stand at NEREC the 28th and 29th of September. You can find us in the SME area in booth: B02-39
PDF Exposé map


Friend of Sunnan, K8 for IKEA

I live off the Grid all summer at my cabin in Sweden. No electricity, no noice and only rainwater from the roof. It is the absolute greatest of luxeries.

Until last summer It has been all candels and romantic flickering light for years, but last year I bought three Ikea Sunnan solar powered lamps and fell instantly in love. I use them for all kinds of work after sunset. Especially happy using it outside working in the garden to finish off that last little something. And of course they are perfect for reading.

This summer I had a little summer workshop to make a friend for Sunnan. If we are lucky, all you Ikea Sunnan fans all over the world can buy the K8 designed friend of Sunnan that will make you love Sunnan even more. It adds a new dimmension to Sunnan;)
Actually I think you should go and ask for it straight away!;) Ask for the Friend of Sunnan!

Solar powered greetings

K8 weekendstudio
KrÄkehed Sweden