Makerbot in the house

At last! Our Makerbot Thing-o-matic is in the house. It is truly a piece of art! Not only do these guys revolutionize the way we will look at manufacturing and 3D printing, they add a new dimmension to object aestethics, smart packaginc and IKEA do-it-your-self philisophy. The mix of advanced technology and laser cut veneer is just fantastic. I can smell it! A high Tech object that smells like a open fire! Love it! Ok so Now the job starts putting The Makerbot together. By The way we also have The Makerbot 3D scanner. Just waiting for a mini projector to arrive from The US. This is better than X mas!!!!

5 responses to “Makerbot in the house

  1. Wohooo! Fun and play is the only way!

  2. Actually i wish this was a K8 product:) Very inspiring!

  3. Is the ‘bot’ up and running yet I wonder!

    Just looking at the ‘yellow pages’ to see what design companies are around Oslo as I started a patent app a while back in the UK, that I never got around to producing a working prototype for, as we were moving around the world a lot.

    Settled now in Norway and now I wondering if the development costs here are going to be out of my reach. (I should have done it in New Zealand!)

    The design is a small one piece tool, probably in plastic. Possible high volume as it has global applications due to its simplicity. Guess it depends on design and manufacturing costs!

    I’ll look forward to following you guys through the blog and one of these days I must get organised enough to give you a call to arrange a meet up to discuss my idea.

    Hope the new machine is all that you hoped!
    Best regards

  4. The Bot and the scanner is mostly for PlEF (Fun, Play and Education. We have a Stratasys, Dimension Elite for the hardcore 3D production of models. But I really look foreward to see how good we can make the Bot. I have a feeling it needs some tweek’n.

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